Datacenter is under control, now "Always On Guard" allows us to see what is going on inside the Servers and Devices everyone uses.

Our dashboard allows us to monitor for trouble 24/7, protect and take control of any device when needed. As well, we filter the internet by category from one interface.  

  • 24x7 Monitoring your servers and devices
  • Dataceneter delivered Managed Anti-virus
  • Take full control of any device
  • Web Filtering to keep users on task
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With proactive monitoring items like disks growing too quickly, Anti-virus software not being updated, backup not running or being completed may not be your pain right now but could develop into full-blown disasters if left undetected. Always ON Guard will instantly be able to find the needles in the haystack! 

We will provide, Daily Health Checks at 7am each day. This allows us to react if the issue needs immediate attention. We may have it fixed before you even knew it happened.

We monitor for critical events on your organizations systems. We monitor Servers and all your Microsoft devices.  We will be alerted instantly of any small issues on your Computers and Servers, and get them resolved before they turn into time-consuming catastrophes, helping you to cut costs and boost uptime .

  • 24x7 Monitoring
  • Immediate attention and remedy
  • Daily heath Check on all Servers at 7am 
  • We monitor for all critical events



YOUR CLOUD is enabled with Managed Anti-Virus. It is estimated that computer viruses cost businesses more than $55 billion annually with over 30% of this activity taking place in the United States. 

With datacenter delivered managed anti-virus we lower your risk of a virus taking down your network.

  • We ensure your virus definitions, patches and updates have been downloaded and applied to every device and server on the network
  • We will be automatically alerted of any virus activity on your network and which computer is infected 
  • You will automatically receive the most up to date anti-virus software versions as they are rolled out
  • Your anti-virus subscription never expires


Take Control.png

YOUR CLOUD also comes with Take Control ability so we can work one on one with  a user or we can work on an issue when no one is at that device. 

  • Work one on one with  a user
  • Take full control of the Microsoft device they are using
  • Work to fix a problem on our own



YOUR CLOUD is enabled with web filtering.  Users waste time online in many ways: social networking, viewing videos, researching travel, reading blogs, visiting auction, game, sports or news sites – and more. Web monitoring prompts users to instinctively restrict the time they spend on websites – and those who don’t properly manage their time can easily be identified keeping your users on task and working. 

  • Stop users from browsing anywhere
  • Limit where they can surf by category
  • Stop harmful viruses and unwanted malware 
  • Keep your staff on task and working