What is the worry-free experience?


A “worry-free experience” means that nothing distracts you from using our services to grow your business. It means that from the moment our Cloud Concierge team begins crafting your custom migration plan, you’ll know that your data is in the right hands. You’ll feel it in the reliability of our systems, in the way they empower both your users and your administrators, and in the white-glove support we provide 24 hours a day. Most importantly, though, you’ll feel it in your confidence that we’re doing what we do best to keep you focused on what you do best.

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Always on Cloud Technology Datacenter is truly worry-free you don't need to do anything. The Datacenter has staff 24x7 making sure that the infrastructure is always on. Backed by a money back guarantee your servers are in a disaster ready, 24x7 facility with staff ready to keep YOUR CLOUD reliable, secure and open 24x7.

  • Architecture. Our engineers devised an original architecture that we named the Four Quadrant Design. With each quadrant built on its own dedicated hardware and its own VMware cluster, infrastructure failures are isolated—and easily rectified.

  • Datacenters. Each of our seven SSAE 16 Type II-audited datacenters possesses verified levels of physical security, redundant electrical and cooling infrastructure, and redundant power supply units in the unlikely event of a power feed failure.

  • Providers. We’ve chosen multiple Tier 1 Internet providers—including Level 3, Verizon and Sprint—to guarantee availability and give us capabilities to route traffic around any provider backbone issues that may arise.



Always On Cloud Technology Service Level for day to day applications, access and setup support. Always On does not have a silver and gold platform for you to choose. We believe that all customers want certain services regardless of the size of your organization.

Our offer can be configured to best suit your needs. Your service level can be scalable for certain times of year and additional hours of coverage. Starting point for all agreements includes the following.  

Standard Business Service Level

Day Begins

  • 7A.M. Unofficial Start for Support
  • 7A.M. Daily health check report of your Server(s)
  • 7A.M. Daily backup results
  • E-mail alerts to any critical issue to on-call staff
  • Immediate response to any critical issue
  • Official Office hours 8:30 to 5:30 
  • Support Coverage Monday to Friday
  • Respond to automated Alerts
  • Acknowledgment and scheduling by e-mail within one hour
  • Acknowledgment and scheduling by Voice within 15 Minutes
  • Most issues will be resolved "SAME DAY"

While you are sleeping

  • Support tasks that need to be done off hours
  • Daily Managed Anti-Virus Quick Scan of all your devices
  • Daily automated backup of all your servers and data
  • Weekend Managed Anti-Virus deep scan to all Servers and Devices


Scalable Approach  


Now it's up to you to scale your support needs. you may want additional hours of coverage, weekend support, scale it up a certain time of year, you may need Software updates and applications support  or maybe you're a 24x7 organization that needs to know someone is always on call.

Whatever you need can be added to a custom Service Level Agreement.  

  • Extended hours of coverage during weekdays
  • Extended hours of coverage weekends
  • You have a busy time of year and need additional coverage
  • You are a 24x7 organization and cannot be without service at anytime
  • You have software that requires updates periodically 



Configure your Service Level Agreement to meet your needs, never hourly always for a predictable monthly cost.