Doing a daily back up of your data and system is fine but what if something happens within that 24 hour period, could you recreate an entire days work.  As well, how much time can your organization be down?  In most cases downtime is NOT acceptable.

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YOUR CLOUD comes prepared to deliver on making sure you have everything you need to come back from a problem with minimal downtime and minimal data loss. 

Increasing your recovery starts with a Good Back up and a "BDR" Backup and Disaster Recovery unit.  "BDR" is a "NAS" or Network Area Storage that make continuous backups of your Servers and the data on those servers. Most important, it is at your office so you have a working copy of your entire cloud backed up on this device.  

“BDR" Back-up and Disaster  Recovery Unit

This unit is a highly reliable Server "NAS" that allows us to store an exact SNAP-SHOT of your cloud Server(s) and the data inside. In case of a problem we can restore your entire system from an exact point in time. The BDR creates a snapshot of data on entire servers every hour, or every 15 minutes. As well, we can also perform a granular restore, down to one single document. We keep the BDR at a 2nd location, your office so you have an entire backup of all your cloud servers. We can restore certain kinds of problems in as little as 15 minutes.  


What happens if the server has a large amount of data or needs to be rebuilt and you can’t wait 10 hours for it to complete? Using Head Start restore we make an exact spare virtual hard drive ready to be  mounted to a virtual Server. Restoring an exact copy of the servers hard drive the “BDR”  with Head Start restore, your office can be the second restore point.   We can set-up a restore point to have your business back up and running in as little as one hour as opposed to days.

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