Prompt to change your password

1. You  will  be given a temporary password and will be prompted to change it. See screen shot "Prompt to change password".  Press OK and proceed.

Requirements for Passwords.  

All passwords must be at least 8 Characters contain numbers and a character @#$%&*

Reset your Password

 Example: take anything you are familiar with a word or and address let’s say you live at “100 Main Street”

You can start by making your password 100mainstreet.

IT STILL NEEDS TO BE MORE COMPLEX, let’s change all the letters t to $ and make the M capital in Main

Your password would now be 100Mains$ree$ and will meet the complexity requirement. Once you change your password it will be set to never expire but you should change it from time to time. 

Below are instructions of changing your passwords.



1. Click on the Start menu and then Click on Windows Security

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

2. You will see in the center of the windows three options choose Change a password.

1. Under old password type in your current password. 

2. Put in your New Password

3. Confirm password

Click on the blue arrow and you will successfully have changed your password.